10 Best Vitamins for Women (And Why You Need All)

I eat healthy, so why do I need vitamins?

If you eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, lean protein, low fat dairy products and whole grains then you don’t necessarily have to take supplements.

It’s much better getting your vitamins straight from a food source.

The issue with that is most of us can easily overestimate how healthy we are eating so taking a multivitamin doesn’t hurt.

According to the USDA report most Americans are eating too few vegetables, fruits, fibers and low fat dairy products which provide necessary vitamins, mineral and nutrients for optimal health.

So taking supplements can definitely provide a base if you didn’t get the necessary nutrients throughout the day.

Now let’s dive into 10 of the best vitamins for women.

1. Vitamin k


Vitamin K is needed for promoting strong bones, reducing the risk of heart diseases and helping to prevent blood clotting.

Another benefit of consuming Vitamin K is that it’s necessary for immune function and helps to boost energy throughout the day.

Foods that have Vitamin K

Fish oil, soybean oil, green leafy vegetables and whole grain food products.

2. Vitamin E

sunflower seed

Vitamin E is a very powerful compound that you need to consume regularly.

It has anti-aging properties that helps to fight cell damage and also slows down age-related changes in your body.

Another wonderful benefit of this vitamin is that it helps to prevent memory loss, certain types of cancers, cataracts and heart diseases.

Let’s not forget to mention that vitamin E is very important for hair and skin and is very popular in a lot of hair and skin care products being sold.

Foods that have Vitamin E

The main foods that are rich in vitamin E include spinach, hazelnuts, corn oil, sunflower seeds, safflower oil, peanut butter, wheat germ and cod liver oil.

3. Vitamin D


This particular vitamin is a fat soluble vitamin that helps to prevent rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and promotes the absorption of calcium.

It helps to reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms and also helps to protect your eyesight.

If you don’t have enough vitamin D in your bones it will weaken and can cause osteoporosis.

To get vitamin D even a short daily exposure to sunlight can give your body the required amount.

Foods that have Vitamin D

Foods that are rich in this compound are fortified milk, eggs, liver and fatty fish.

4. Vitamin C


Is a very popular vitamin because it’s an immunity booster and have tons of health benefits for women.

This vitamin speeds up the healing process, reduces the risk of certain types of cancers, heart diseases and also promotes tissue growth.

Your red blood cells needs this vitamin to help with its formation.

Foods that have Vitamin C

Some of the best vitamin c-rich foods are oranges, Peppers, grapefruit, kiwi, broccoli tomato, Sprouts, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

5. Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is a vitamin every woman should make sure that they consume and that is because it’s important for cell formation, protein synthesis and it boosts metabolism.

It also helps to prevent memory loss, anemia and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

This vitamin is very popular for the treatment of depression, maintaining healthy nerve system and promoting proper brain function.

Foods that have Vitamin B12

Some of the best foods for vitamin B-12 is yogurt, whole wheat, eggs, cheese, beef, sardines, tuna, beef and liver.

6. Vitamin B9


This is otherwise known as folic acid which is very important for a woman to consume because it helps to prevent high blood pressure, depression, memory loss and also heart diseases.

It does a wonderful job at boosting brain health and improving fertility and fetal development during pregnancy.

Deficiency in vitamin B9 can result in a pregnant woman having neural tube defects in the baby such as spina bifida.

Foods rich in Vitamin B9

Some of the best foods to consume for this vitamin include melon, aparagus, beans, eggs fortified grains, strawberries, leafy green vegetables and orange juice.

7. Vitamin B7


Vitamin B7 otherwise known as biotin is definitely important for every woman.

It promotes healthy hair growth, treat brittle hair and helps to keep healthy sweat glands.

It’s also very vital for bone marrow, maintaining normal cholesterol levels and bone growth.

A deficiency in vitamin B7 is not very common but it can cause anemia, mild depression, abnormal heart functioning and brittle hair.

Foods rich in Vitamin B7

Some of the best foods to get this vitamin b7 are bananas, carrots, onions, peppers, brown rice, lentils, yellow foods, soy beans, cheese, yogurt, nuts and oatmeal.

8. Vitamin B6


If you want to have a very healthy immune system then make sure that you’re consuming enough vitamin B6.

It is needed for some brain chemicals and hormones to be produced which will in turn help to reduce memory loss, heart disease and reduce depression.

It’s also proven to help regulate your blood sugar levels. Pregnant women who want to get rid of morning sickness, foods rich in vitamin B6 will help.

Foods rich in Vitamin B6

Some of the best foods are avocados, meats, bananas, nuts, dried fruit, seeds, fish and beans.

9. Vitamin B2


This vitamin is normally known as riboflavin. Necessary for normal growth and metabolism and overall good health.

If you’re low on energy then vitamin B2 will help to boost your energy and strengthen your immune system while also reducing anxiety, stress, fatigue and any numbness in the toes that you may feel.

A deficiency in vitamin B2 can negatively affect your metabolism, immune system. It can lead to your eyes becoming pale as well as give you a sore throat.

Foods that are rich in Vitamin B2

Best ones are cheese, eggs, whole grains, soy beans, mushrooms, nuts, milk and meats.

10. Vitamin A


This vitamin contains powerful antioxidant properties. It doesn’t matter what age you are as a woman you need vitamin A in your daily diet because it helps in building and strengthening your bones, soft tissue skin, mucous membranes and teeth.

It does a fantastic job at reducing the risk of chronic illnesses, reducing the aging process and boosting your immune system.


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