The Best Diet Ever Lose Weight With Red Wine And Chocolate

There aren’t many diets out there that will allow you to have chocolate and red wine every once and a while, but this new weight loss diet allows you to have more than just smelling your favorite things.

This new Sirtfood Diet allows you explore the benefits of foods that have “sirtuins” and two off those are red wine and chocolate. They are proteins that are within the body that are the reason for biological processes which include cell aging, inflammation and metabolism.

There are 7 different types of sirtuins that can be found in the body, may dieticians believe that this protects cells from dying off when they are too stressed, it’s possible to spike the metabolism and prevent cell inflammation. A diet that is very rich in sirtuins can decrease the chances of having illnesses and strengthen the metabolism, giving the body a great boost to lose weight

Other foods, beyond chocolate and red wine that are rich in sirtuin activators include green tea, turmeric, kale, citrus fruits, blueberries, capers, parsley, apples (we know that red wine and chocolate are stealing the limelight here).

Nutritional experts Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten – authors of the Sirtfood Diet, have done research on these types of food and how they affect the body and claim that loading up on these types of foods like, dark chocolate, red wine kale, activate the skinny gene in the body.

They are the same pathways that are activated by fasting and exercising, say that it can help the body loose massive amount of weight and increase muscle mass.

The Sirtfood Diet is well balanced out between vegetables, sugars, spices, fruits herb and of course wine. We’re not seeing a restrictive diet here; we’re seeing a whole host of healthy superfoods – plus a few indulgent treats – we can’t wait to tuck into.


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