Eat This For Breakfast And Never Worry About Your Belly Fat Again!

Breakfast is the most important part of the day. Everyone knows about this but many people skip this most important meal.

Staying fit, having an attractive body and staying healthy is a dream for most people.

Many people are having problems achieving this, and they seek many remedies, recipes and exercises to get what they want.

Read here how you can burn that belly fat with a simple breakfast and still give your taste buds what it desires most – a tasty meal!

This amazing belly fat burning breakfast is not only delicious but it is rich in vitamins and minerals that will boost your metabolism and improve your skin tone and the health of your hair as well.

This breakfast will ensure that your body is cleansed of harmful toxins and your bowels also eliminate accumulated waste better.

Make this homemade belly fat burning breakfast

Needed Ingredients:

– Fleshy plums – 5 to 7

– Kefir or a low-fat yogurt – 300 ml

– Ground flaxseed – 1 tablespoon

– Oat flakes – 2 tablespoons

– Cocoa powder – 1 teaspoon

Way of preparation:

– Always make sure this breakfast is prepared the night before.

– You should drizzle about 100 ml of boiling water on your dried plums.

– Next you cover the soaked plums and leave for about 10 to 15 minutes.

– Put flaxseed, flakes and cocoa in a bowl.

– Then you have to pour kefir over them and ensure that your stir properly.

– You can blend or chop the plums, make sure they are smooth and puree like.

– Incorporate all the ingredients together and refrigerate.

This breakfast will help you lose your belly fat in no time, just be consistent in consuming it. You might feel funny movements in your stomach the first time you take this breakfast but that will pass.


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