Kefir diet – 3 days, 2 kg less

What is kefir and why is better than yogurt?

Although we are accustomed to consume yogurt in daily breakfasts in the morning, however it would be good to replace it with kefir. Here’s why:

Kefir is healthy beverage that is also called “magic milk.” It is made from goat, cow or sheep milk, which interferes with the fungus kefir and leave to ferment. It is excellent probiotic  full with strong yeast, vitamins, minerals and nutrients.


Kefir diets are very popular primarily because kefir is extremely healthy, nutritious and used in therapeutic purposes.

Homemade kefir is far better than purchased and can be very simply prepared.

Helps in fighting osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, rejuvenates the skin, improves the condition of hair and nails, and most importantly – contain very little carbohydrate.

It has been proven that even helps fight depression.

Kefir contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, and is also rich in calcium and a high level of proteins.

It is an excellent diuretic, because although it helps digestion, regulates The level of bacteria in the intestines and establishes balance of intestinal flora.

Some experts argue that kefir helps in the fight against cancer and malignant cells.

It has been proven that it lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood.



  1. Bleach with 2 eggs, salad of cucumber and less coffee with a spoon milk. or:
  2. Semolina / polenta and sour milk. or:
  3. Boiled egg, 1 toast, bread with butter and tea with honey.


  • 300 ml of homemade kefir in type of fruit yoghurt.


  1. Chicken soup, cooked carrots, 100g chicken white meat, salad of beets and a piece of bread. or:
  2. Stew from mushrooms, 300 grams of cooked vegetables (mixture) and a salad of fresh cabbage.


  • 300 ml homemade kefir


  1. 150 g of grilled fish or baked in foil, green salad and herbal tea. or:
  2. A larger potato.

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