Lose Weight and Get Rid of Harmful Substances in the Body With the Help of Zucchini!

Zucchini are very useful for many diseases – gastrointestinal tract (including the gallbladder), anemia, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity. Because of the high percentage of dietary fiber reduces the absorption of fat, so it is suitable for diet in high cholesterol and triglycerides. Potassium and magnesium act to reduce blood pressure.

Celebrities who held this zucchini diet are: Sophia Loren, Alain Delon, Catherine Deneuve and many others.

If you endure a month of this diet – with no problem you will get rid of 4-6 kg. If you follow a week – it’s guaranteed a loss of 2-3 kg. Despite weight loss will release your body from harmful substances and refresh overall health.

Despite zucchini diet you can include raw carrot and cabbage. In the afternoon eat some cucumber, and to improve the taste of vegetables – in your salad add a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a little lemon juice.

Menu of zucchini diet includes and consumption of fruit. During the lunch, dinner and snacks make up your meal with apple, kiwi, tangerine, orange and plums.

* Diet to be more balanced, it must contain protein, which implies the presence of veal, lean beef, turkey, chicken and rabbit.

* Meat can be replaced with fish, but in this case preference has river fish because sea is not very suitable for this diet.

* For drinking should be used plain water (the more, the better), green tea without sugar, natural juices (apple, orange)

* During the zucchini diet you should exclude: bakery products, bread, sweets, coffee, alcohol.

* Preferred are zucchini with dark green rind, which should not peel because thus they lose 80% of the nutrients.



1.Breakfast: stewed zucchini (250g) with vegetables (150 g), a cup of green tea.

2.Snack: 1 apple, a glass of orange juice or water.

3.Lunch: baked zucchini (300g), a piece of boiled meat (200 g), 1 kiwi or a few plums and a cup of green tea.

4.Snack: baked zucchini (250 g), salad with cabbage and carrots (250 g), a glass of apple juice.

5.Dinner: 100 grams of prunes or 2-3 fresh plums and a cup of apple juice or green tea.


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