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Weleda Skin Food moisturizer

So, you are here because you are probably worried about the condition and wellness of your skin. Whether if you think you are aging too fast, or even if you want to preserve your skin tone and take care of it. We’ve got a moisturized completely natural, completely free of preservatives, colorants and even mineral oils.

The point of this review is guiding you toward the right decision when it comes to taking care of your skin. I know is difficult, there is staggering amount of products. However, many of them are dangerous in the long run.

You should stick will products made with natural ingredients, and approved by the EcoControl NATURE Association and by the medical community in general.

Let’s find out what does Weleda has for us, especially for our beloved skin.

Skin Food

Skin Food is the name given to this successful moisturizers lineup. Weleda has been selling it since de 2009, under the approbation of all organization and medical community in general.

It promises to make your skin feel hydrated, smooth and moisturized since the first use. Another good thing about Skin Food that it’s important to point out, is the fact it’s completely made with natural ingredients.

What Ingredients are in Weleda Skin Food

Skin food cream by WeledaWe can tell if any product is dangerous or not by following up its composition, usually in the back or container of the product. Since we are looking effective and non-toxic natural ingredients, we are going to do a little research for you.

Let’s take a look at Skin Food’ ingredients:

  1. Pansy

Pansy is natural large-flowered hybrid plant cultivated as a garden flower. Pansy plants are new specie, and that’s why they don’t have an origin per se. They are result of hybridization from lots of similar species from the Melanium section. Primarily, they are a mix between genus Viola and Viola tricolor.


Even though genus Viola and Viola tricolor are originally from Europe and Western Asia, Pansy’ origins are unknown. Studies have shown that the Viola Tricolor extract is very effective when it comes to taking care and repairing dry or sensitive skin.

The effect caused by the extract of Pansy is due to the long-chain sugars that form a moisturizing layer on the skin for protection and rejuvenation.

  1. Sunflower


Sunflowers are special flowers that were given to us for a special reason. They are beautiful to watch in the dawn, but their benefits are bigger than its beauty. We all know that Sunflower extracts are used for:

  • Promoting cardiovascular health
  • Lowering and stabilizing the cholesterol level
  • Potent source of magnesium
  • And many more

However, we are going to focus exclusively on its benefits – especially on skin care and its effects on our skin.

Sunflowers seed oil extract is well known to for its rich content of vitamin E, nutrients and antioxidants. Do you know that is best for combatting skincare issues like acne, redness, inflammation and even aging? Well, nothing beats sunflowers seed oil.

The sunflower seed oil has properties that help your skin retaining its natural moisture, thanks to the vitamin E. Also, the vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, something that protects your skin from UV rays. It’s also powerful against acne issues. Since it is rich on vitamin A, C and D, it helps to regenerate new skin cells and it kills the acne-causing bacteria immediately.

Something people don’t know is the fact that Sunflower seed extract also works as an anti-aging solution. In addition, many less know that it’s rich on beta-carotene and Omega- acid, which together help to decrease inflammation, aging and help to create and remove new cell skin.

  1. Rosemary


Rosemary is a woody perennial herb with fragrant, evergreen and needle-like leaves with flowers ranging all colors. It’s especially known for its benefits in the entire body, and also it’s known in the kitchen, and for the oil extracting people does on this plant.

Studies have found that Rosemary is a strong antioxidant that can help you to battle against many diseases. However, at this time we are going to focus exclusively on its benefits, but in our beloved skin. This evergreen plant is a powerful ally when it comes to battling against premature aging.

Another of its benefits is the capacity of the rosemary of making our skin more flexible and increasing its elasticity, therefore decreasing droopiness and age spots.

The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary are also something that helps a lot because it eliminates the puffiness from age, or even nights when you’ve drunk too much and sleep so bad.

  1. Sweet Almond


Weleda has also included the famous sweet almond oil, which is a really popular and effective ingredient for skin care due to its rich content of vitamin E and other nutrients. They are one of the healthiest food you can ingest, and how tasteful it’s, right? Well, sweet almond is almost perfect, whether it’s for your daily nutrition or inside skin care products.

Sweet almond is a rich source of valuable nutrients, such as vitamin E, vitamin A, protein, potassium, fatty acids, even zinc. There is no question why this is so healthy for your body!

We all know what vitamin E has for us to offer. It’s a powerful antioxidant that can eliminate bacteria and other toxins in our body. Antioxidants are like the firefighters on the body, they look for fire (toxins, radicals, and more bad stuff) and they eliminate them. When your body doesn’t have enough antioxidants, your skin’s collagen layer starts to deteriorate causing your skin to look bad.

Do you have acne problems? Well, you’ll leave them behind because it’s package with vitamin A which help reducing acne. Also, it’s effective to clean out the dirt and oil in your pores – direct consequence of acne issues.

The fatty acid contains inside the sweet almond helps to retain moisture and contributes to healing chapped and irritated skin.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile is probably an unknown ingredient for many of you. It’s really not that common to find it on products, even though it’s inside of some really effective skin care products.


This herb has been used for thousands of years, as it’s one of the most ancient medicinal herbs used by mankind. It’s often served as a tea, made from dried chamomile flowers, but we are going to focus on its benefits on our skin:

  • As many of the ingredients inside of Skin Food, Chamomile works incredibly well as an anti-inflammatory. This is amazing for our acne issues since acne is prone to attack skin types who have inflammation.
  • Increases the penetration and therefore the effectiveness of other skin care ingredients or topical. This means chamomile helps the body to absorb more efficiently the ingredients inside Skin Food.
  • A powerful antioxidant, antifungal and antiseptic, which are amazing properties when it comes to keeping our skin with a healthy layer of collagen.
  • Helps to heal the skin, especially from minor skin wounds due to its disinfection properties.

Skin Food Tips of Usage

  • Weleda and most of its loyal customers insist on using it as a face mask. Just apply a gentle amount of Skin Food until making a thick layer. Right after, cover with warm washcloth and let it rinse off.
  • Tap on lightly over make-up for glitter-free highlighted cheek and brow bones.
  • Apply a gentle amount of Skin Food on your hands and warm it out with circular moves, then apply on your hair for hydration or to improve the texture.
  • It can also be applied on cheeks and lips to restore glow and hydrate them.
  • Massage your hand with Skin Food for smoothing cuticles, drying or aching spots for a smooth radiance.

How to use it properly

As we age, our skin ages with us. That’s why we need to adopt healthy habits and hydrate our skin with products that also work for healing our skin. At the end of the day, a moisturizing product will work for increasing the natural moisture of our skin, and a healing product will help us with minor skin wounds.

However, Skin Food is the combination between a moisturizer and a healing skin care product. Basically, Weleda has created and launched a product we can use in our daily basis to any kind of skin issue.

  1. The first step is pouring a gentle amount of Skin Food in the palm of our hands.
  2. Warm up Skin Food by doing circular movements without hands, and then apply it in the desired area.
  3. Some clients insist on getting the most out of their Skin Food by applying a face mask made with a thick layer of the product. Cover it with a hot washcloth and let it there for some minutes and rinse it.
  4. If you applied the product in specific areas, then you should rinse it off too.
  5. That’s it. Repeat the process daily, or each time you feel your skin dry and aching.

Is it really safe?

We have reviewed its ingredient content and we might easily conclude it’s really safe to use. It’s made completely with natural ingredients, those that have been proven for taking care of your skin properly.

The rest of its ingredients are really safe to use; alcohol, water, bees wax, fragrance, alcohol, limonene, linalool and other safe ingredients we see in our daily basis.

Don’t be afraid of using it and starts taking care of your skin just like millions of other people have successfully improved their skin care habits.

Verdict: Should I Buy Skin Food?

As it names suggests, it is food for your skin.

When we are looking to improve our health, there is nothing more effective than bringing valuable nutrients to your body. This is a principle that you have to adopt in your eating habits, so you can eat healthier. Also, this is the exact same principle you’ll have to bring into your skincare if you want to reduce any sign of age, tiredness or a little wound in your skin.

So… Yes, definitely you should buy it.

You should buy it if you are concerned about aging, about dry and aching skin. Or even to prevent any sign of aging by promoting good skin care habits that will stick with you forever.

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